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Use These Seven Decoration Ideas For Your Small Wedding Party

Many people who are planning a wedding wish to make it simple. The majority of people will go for something simple, but some want to show extravagance and make people talk. When thinking of doing that simple wedding, try these several unique ideas and have the perfect ceremony.

When planning, you must consider the string lights used during the nighttime or sunset weddings. When used outdoors, you will see a bigger difference. The decorator places the lights in strategic places to have an ambience of charm and romance. These lights are cheap and come in different colors and designs.

Some people will choose to have the LED candles, known to bring ambient lighting in the site. The string lights will not work in some places, and this is where you light the candles and place them on tables. The real candles will make the guests happy, but they can cause trouble. Some couples will get the LED candles that come in white color, but some are available in various colors. When these candles are used, you can choose to add the personal touch by creating the ribbons and stickers.

You can use the succulent hardy little plants in different varieties. These succulent plants are affordable and stay longer, allowing one to order large quantities during the wedding period. When the date is fast approaching, you avoid the transport hassle as they are designed in small pots. It is much easier to place several pots at the tables and turn the wedding tables greener. When the wedding ends, allow your guests to go home with the pots.

The bubbles become a fun idea that entertains guests. Buy bubble bottles from toy shops and remove their labels. You can add some decorations on them or leave them bare. You will be placing the bubble bottles and ask the guests to blow them as the vows are said.

The other thing used is the fake flower petals that bring the romance on the big day. Every person has a choice of using the multicolored or plain white petals for their big day. When you get the petals, try to scatter them on the sidewalks, aisle and the tables.

If you want to add depth, class or dimension, apply wood during the wedding day. Use and install the planks of wood as the aisle for your beach wedding. When used, the wood adds a layer of protection to the guests.

The balloons are used to fill the empty spaces in the ground. These balloons float when filled with helium gas, and they add depth.

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